Order Status Explanation

This report shows all of your orders that are currently open or that have been completed within the past 10 calendar days, and the status of each open order. 

For each order, the most recent update is shown in the "Last Activity" column and the department or function to which the last update refers is shown under "Dept. ID". 

An order is updated at the completion of a task, such as when the retouching or art is completed.  Generally, an order is shipped on the same day (or day following) that the Dept. ID shows "FQC".

This report is updated hourly.  The date and time immediately below the Order Status table reflects the time of the last update to this website.  Note: If you receive a report that shows "No Records Returned", it means that you have no orders OR  you have entered an incorrect Customer ID or password.

At the bottom of the report is a recap of recent shipments by date and the invoice value of those shipments.  Note: credits are NOT included.  This portion is updated at the end of each day.

You may also track shipments on this report.  Simply click "Tracking No." and you will see the status of your shipment.  Click your browser's "Back" button to return to your Order Status.

To Print a copy of your report, click "Printer Friendly Version" and use "Print" button on browser.  Use "Back" button browser to return to main page.

We welcome suggestions to make this report more useful to you.  E-mail to Mid-South.

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