Department ID Codes and Descriptions

ACV Archive Digital File Archive digital files to CD 1 day
ART Art Art on finished prints 2 days
COM Commercial Commercial subject matter 2 days
CPS Copy Neg/Trans Copy negatives or prints 2 days
CVS Canvas Mounting Mounting prints on canvas 2 days
DPR Digital Prints Digital prints to photographic paper (Chromira) 2 days
DRT Digital Retouching Digital retouching/file manipulation 5 days
FIN Finishing Mounting services 1 day
FQC Final Quality Final check of orders before shipping 1 day
GRA Graphic Arts Graphic design 2 days
LFN Large Format Finishing Finishing on prints larger than 24x30 2 days
OFA Out for Approval Proofs have been sent for approval--ORDER ON HOLD 5 days
PFQ Quantity Prints Multiple prints from same file-3 1/2X5, 4X6, 4X5, 5X5 2 days
PFS Proofs 3 1/2X5, 4X6, 4X5, 5X5 proof prints 2 days
PKG Package Event printing/min. 20 files 2 days
SPR Spray Apply protective lacquer spray 1 day
SCN Scanning Scan negatives to digital files 2 days

Last Updated 05/11/2013

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