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Now, online proofing through Mid-South offers a way to increase sales from portraits, weddings and other events by reaching more customers who increasingly view and buy photographs online.  This service increases your marketing reach while reducing your studio work..and costs.  As guests view password-protected events, they pass your proofing web page (included) and your marketing message.

Online Proofing leads to increased sales, increased future bookings--all while providing the convenience of online  viewing and ordering.  You can now reach clients and their families, friends and associates in ways that were not possible before.  Get onboard; the sales of photographs online are soaring! Sign up now!



Reach More Clients

As clients access their event, they see your logo, sample images and marketing message planting the seed for dozens of future bookings

Add More Sales Dollars and Profit

In addition to reaching your primary client, you can now reach their family and  friends who never got the chance to see proofs or place orders.  Many photographers have experienced sales increases of hundreds, even thousands of dollars by reaching additional buyers.

Simple, Password Access

Clients can click a link on your website or go to, enter the password that you have selected, view the images and place their order right then, any time day or night, from anywhere.

Customer Friendly Website

Our system's ease of consumer access and ordering can add more sales than comparable systems because of it's simple, yet elegant viewing, and easy, straightforward ordering process.  To see how your page might look, go to and use "mscl_demo" (without quotes) for the Guest Password.

Set Your Own Prices

You set your own prices for each event.  Create any number of price lists, store them online and assign them to events as you see fit.

You Select the Password

You setup an event in advance and choose the password.  That password can then be distributed at the time of the sitting or event, thus generating excitement and sales.  Sign up now!

Use E-Certificates

You can sell or use prepaid packages by providing customers an online gift certificate to provide for a specific dollar amount or quantity of prints.  Customers may, and many do, order prints over and above that amount and pay online.

Guests Pay By Credit Card

The system will collect the funds, including shipping, by major credit card

Orders Shipped To Customer

If you choose the complete fulfillment system, the order will ship directly to your customer, freeing you of any post-event handling

Link To Your Own Website

If you have a website, you can link to the Online Proofing site and then once clients are on your proofing page, they can link back to your website.  If you don't currently have a website, the program still works by going direct to the Online Proofing site. 

No Credit Card Account

You don't have to have your own credit card merchant account.  Our system will collect the funds, freeing you from this costly detail.

Shoot More--Administrate Less

Small and large orders are easily handled without need for further action from you, freeing you for more shooting, where you make your money.

Take on New Challenges

Now you can handle those events which might have been out-of-reach  due to the amount of handing in the studio. Corporate parties, fundraisers, sports teams, etc., can now be covered, posted and fulfilled with little demand on you for administration. 

Low Up-Front Costs

The modest startup fee ($100.00) means that you can be online very economically. Click here to request complete fee and print price schedule by email.

Economical Transaction Fees

The low 10% transaction fee, including credit card processing, means that less of your sales dollars go to up in costs and you get your money sooner by using credit cards. 

Record Keeping

Your "Studio Office" will give you a one page snapshot of your events and activity, as well as more detailed views.  Available to you 24/7.  Sign up now!

Monthly Checks

You will get a check each month for the orders completed and shipped the previous month.  Full accounting detail with each check.

Sales Taxes Collected

You can signal us to collect state sales tax.  We will use the rate that you supply and sent it to you along with your check.  You pay the state.


Please note that this service provides complete fulfillment to your customer.  Your customer orders online, pays online and the orders come directly to Mid-South to be produced.  We then ship directly to your customer freeing you from all order and delivery details.  

Sign up Now.  Anytime. 24/7

Click to sign up or maintain your existing fulfillment account.

If you want to offer your customers an online service but you want all order information to come to you for workup and for you to send to the lab, a self-fulfillment service is  available.  A different fee structure applies, but print prices are the same.  Credit card data is collected and forwarded to you for processing.  Click to setup your self-fulfillment account.  This service is provided to you directly by DigiProofs, Inc.

Note:  If you want to utilize both fulfillment and self-fulfillment options, it is necessary to have two accounts.  Call us for further help.  Our Online Proofing service is powered by DigiProofs, Inc., a leader in online viewing and ordering for photographers.

Questions?  Call 1-800/221-3920 or E-Mail